Exosome Therapy: Secrets of the Amazing Stem Cell Alternative

UltimateHuman Team Apr 07, 2022
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Maybe you’ve heard something about the new "youth serum" called exosomes... microscopic particles that have massive medical potential...

With health influencers like Tony Robbins, Ben Greenfield, and Dr. Amy Killen talking about this breakthrough regenerative medicine…

And researchers publishing in the NIH's U.S. National Library of Medicine saying it could be, "The next generation... [of care]."

It’s easy to be curious about this special new therapy...


And how it’s giving big hope to people dealing with things like:


  • Aging

  • Joint Pain

  • Decreased Sexual Performance

  • Hair Loss

  • Skin Issues (Wrinkles, Aging, Burns, etc.)

  • Hormone Imbalance (Testosterone, Estrogen, etc.)

  • Mental Disorders (Depression, etc.)

  • And more…

So, if you want to find out more about this alternative to stem cell therapy (one that’s potentially a BETTER treatment choice)…

Then let’s begin…

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What Are Exosomes?

By now, almost everyone’s heard of stem cell therapy…

And although this treatment has a controversial past because of the questionable ways it has been sourced...

Today there are much better solutions...

Such as getting these incredible cells from the placenta/umbilical cord after birth, or from the body of an adult patient themself.

This treatment is important because we age, our cells stop replicating properly and start to die off.

So, stem cells help the body to regenerate its tissues to make them "younger" again.

They could help:

  • Cut down on inflammation

  • Contribute to a longer life

  • Allow new growth in the body

  • Boost your immune system

  • Stimulate tissue regeneration

  • Prevent infections/diseases

  • And more...

And a big way they do this is by sending RNA "messages" to other cells in the body using exosomes.

In 2010... nano-scientists from UCLA captured the very first pictures of these special membranes...

exosome therapy

No, this isn't a picture of deep outer space, but of exosomes floating in the bloodstream. (UCLA)

To put things into perspective... an exosome is 1000X smaller than the cell that's secreting it...

So, 1 million of them can fit on tip of sharp pencil!

Research is still growing about how exactly these microscopic miracles work...

But as Dr. Duncan Ross of Kimera Labs puts it (paraphrased):

These exosomes are like a football that deliver messages inside.

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Sometimes the quarterback simply hands off the ball to a running back... but when there's a receiver down field... he has to throw it.

In the same way, the cells (or players) in our body communicate with each other when close together... or ALL the way across the body...

By sending out protective exosomes that deliver important messages (or the football).

Another way to think about it: Exosomes are like mailed envelopes that carry our messages from one place to another.

Cells use exosomes to send messages to each other... like we send mail to our friends and family.

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And in the case of stem cell exosomes...

Those are messages like, "Reduce inflammation! Fix yourself! Get younger!"

In the same way human babies — who have the most active stem cells — heal quickly and grow fast...

These exosomes can now help adults, too.

But, why not just use stem cells?

Exosomes have distinct advantages over stem cells, here's a few:

1. Less Contamination Risk

For starters, exosomes are not at as much risk of contamination as stem cells...

This is because they are filtered and much smaller than bacteria itself.

Source: UCLA

This is promising for exosomes in the FDA process because this has been one of the regulatory body's biggest concerns about stems cell treatment.

2. Less Cost, Hassle, & Risk to Store And Transport

Since stem cells need to be kept extremely cold with liquid nitrogen...

They are hard to transport and maintain...

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Plus, people can have allergic reactions to the liquid nitrogen itself when handling.

Exosomes, on the other hand, you can simply store in a regular freezer.

3. Work Longer in the Body

From the moment stem cells are introduced to the body... they often last less than 12 hours inside...

This means they may never even make it to the place in the body they're sent to heal...

And they only secrete exosomes as long as they're still alive.

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So, how long do exosomes last in the body?

Most proteins inside exosomes are also broken down in about a day...

But they can move more quickly through the body than stem cells...

And they can persist up to a month... while their regenerative effects on cell activity can remain active even up to 8 months.

4. Less Side Effects

Stem cell injections can create inflammation when administered...

Which is ironic, because they're often used to treat inflammation.

There's also the risk of the body rejecting these foreign cells altogether...

And stem cells contain DNA which can cause complications when introduced to someone's body that has different DNA.

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As the anti-aging experts at the Novus Center report: Exosomes are found nearly everywhere naturally in the body and they cannot be rejected.


So, you can kind of think of exosomes as “stem cells 2.0."

Treatments: What Do Exosomes Do?

Exosomes are already being used in clinics around the world to treat & prevent conditions related to aging and disease.

They are often administered by injection or topically (directly on the skin)... and can be combined with certain treatments to increase effectiveness.

Here's some examples of what they can treat:

Exosomes for Hair Loss

Exosomes are used in hair loss treatments for both men and women.

And something exciting: There's evidence that they can help hair grow in places where the original hair follicle has already disappeared!

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Exosomes for Joint Pain

It's no secret that things like knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles start to give out when we get older.

Exosomes can be used to reverse the damage done to these joints.

Many have reported incredible healing stories — like feeling in their 20s again — with the help of exosomes therapies.

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And in rare cases under doctor supervision... this has even helped people suffering from paralysis.

It may sound too good to be true... but this just shows how far biotechnology is advancing.

Exosomes for Anti-Aging & Fighting Disease

Exosomes hold hope to treat MAJOR diseases like stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and more.

With the ability to help the body reverse the effects of aging...

This can trigger the immune system to fight back and reduce the inflammation that can cause many of these issues.

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Also, many people are getting general exosome therapy as an effort toward overall well-being and anti-aging.

Exosomes for Skin Care

We could talk all day about how exosomes can help reduce wrinkles and curb skin aging...

Offering a second chance at baby-looking, "glowing" skin...

But there's not much better evidence of the power of exosomes than this example:

Recently, a man in Florida burned his face during a barbecue accident...

When given an exosome treatment... he saw stunning results during his recovery...

(For the photo below, please note: Viewer discretion is advised.)

After the accident, it looked like he would be permanently scarred... but by day 60... he started looking completely normal again.




exosome therapy for skin

Source: Kimera Labs

Exosomes For Sexual Health

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Exosomes are already being used to quickly treat both men and women...

Among other things... it's allowing men to regain (or improve) their erections... and helping women to revitalize their orgasms...

Exosomes For Mental Health

Current research is testing the effectiveness of exosomes for treating mental disorders...

Things like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder could be tackled head-on with the help of these special nanoparticles.

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Regenerative medicine like exosomes will likely play a major part in the future of healthcare.

With that said, it's important to know that exosome therapy is not completely risk-free...

For example, it's typically advised that patients are screened for cancer before therapy because of exosomes' ability to accelerate cell growth...

And there isn't much evidence any potential on long-term side effects yet...

But they hold a promising hope for curing many serious health conditions and reversing certain aging processes.

These innovations are already helping people to avoid expensive & painful surgeries, heal quickly, and improve their lifestyles.

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With new areas of research developing each year...

The potential of these wonder treatments is limitless.

So, what do you think about this discovery?

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