My Heroic Coach Review: Is Brian Johnson's Training Legit?

UltimateHuman Team May 08, 2023
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My son and I at the Optimize Coach Spartan Race

☝️ Me and my son at the end-of-year Optimize (Heroic) Coach event and Spartan Race in California.

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Hi, my name is Mark… and this is my personal review of Heroic Coach (formerly known as Optimize Coach)...

If you’re here… chances are you’re curious about the program… 

And maybe you want to hear from someone who went through it firsthand... so that you can make a smart decision.

So let me just say: You’re in the right place.

Is the program worth it? Is it right for you?

I’ll address these questions — and tell you what I really think — down below (keep scrolling for more) 👇

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So, you're curious about Heroic Coach, eh?

What You’ll Discover In This Review

1. What Is Heroic Coach?

2. Who Is Brian Johnson?

3. Why Did I Join The Heroic Coach Program? 

4. What’s Included In The Program?

5. What I Learned & How The Program Changed My Life

6. What I Felt Could Be Improved

7. What Surprised Me About The Program

8. Who Can Benefit From Heroic Coach? 

9. Who Might Not Be A Good Fit For This Program?

10. How Much Does Heroic Coach Cost To Join?

11. Is Heroic Coach A Scam Or Rip-Off? 

12. Is Heroic Coach Worth The Investment?

13. What I'd Say To Someone Who’s Considering Joining + My Star Rating

1. What Is Heroic Coach?

Heroic Coach is the coaching certification program that’s part of the Heroic social training platform.

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The platform itself has been called a mix between the Calm App… MasterClass… and a world-class tool for habit tracking.

Heroic aims to help people move from theory > to practice > to mastery… PLUS help them show up as the best versions of themselves, every day. 

Heroic was born out of Optimize, a library of personal growth tools, book summaries, inspiring “micro-lessons” on wisdom, and video classes — which used to cost $100/year… but is now free for anyone to sign up.

Heroic is not a normal company…

The business entity was set up as a Public Benefit Corporation… which means its legally defined goals — in addition to profit — includes a positive impact on society, workers, community, and the environment.

Before its launch in 2022, Heroic raised nearly $5 million from a crowd-investing effort (and I’m proud to say I contributed):

The company also partnered with the best product design company in the world: MetaLab — which built companies like Slack, Tinder, Uber Eats... and the app for Elon Musk’s new business, Neuralink.

Heroic Coach is the most advanced product offered by Heroic... designed for those who are committed to their personal growth.

---IMPORTANT: It's not only for people who want to create or improve their coaching business... but also for those who simply want the knowledge to become the BEST versions of themselves in ALL aspects of life.

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So far, there have been 3,500+ members from more than 90 countries who have been through the protocol which was actually scientifically proven to change lives.

Graduates of this 10 month (300 day) program are prepared to embody the values taught, lead others, and spread modern wisdom.

Find out more about Heroic by clicking HERE.

2. Who Is Brian Johnson?

Brian Johnson is the Founder + CEO of Heroic.

I first heard about Brian over 10 years ago after a friend told me they loved Brian’s book summaries, or PhilosophersNotes…

Brian and his family.

And those summaries were perfect for my busy schedule… because he would:

  1. Share the big ideas from the world's best books

  2. Give his take on them — talking about why the ideas were important

  3. And most importantly: How to apply to these important ideas about wisdom and philosophy in your life

He had read hundreds (if not thousands) of books… and discovered that there's a lot of common themes & messages…

So, after collecting all of those life-changing ideas… Brian expanded in the personal development market.

That’s how the Optimize started. They created a platform to offer more content and established the coach training program.

And this paved the way for what is now: Heroic.

Myself, Brian Johnson, and program director, Michael Balchan, at the certification ceremony.

As a Founder/CEO… Brian also built + sold two businesses….

So, I have respect for him in that regard… for his ability to speak from experience when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Overall, he’s a very thoughtful, unique person… ...a leader... and I believe people are drawn to him because of his authenticity.

3. Why Did I Join the Heroic Coaching Program?

I loved PhilosophersNotes and the Optimize platform… 

The way Brian and his team would connect ancient wisdom with modern science was very impactful.

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And as I became inspired by Brian’s personal strategies on how to set goals and successfully follow-through on them…

I knew I wanted to take things to the next level, too.

Because you can read something helpful… but as you get on with your busy life… you might kind of forget about it…

There's a lot of information out there… there's very little wisdom.

So for me, the journey toward more wisdom is about living out my values... by taking what I learn and turning it into real action. 

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So when the coaching program launched… I was all-in.

I was excited to get certified as a coach… because to become a teacher is an essential part of mastery... 

It’s about integrating the ideas in your life so that you can help someone else from a place of experience and deeper understanding.

Find out more about Heroic by clicking HERE.

4. What’s Included in the Program?

Heroic Coach has a few different parts that make it easily accessible and personal:

~ Classes & Content ~

The program follows a "two weeks on, and one week off" schedule...

During the "on" weeks when new content is released... you'll spend anywhere from 2-3 hours total on the material… which covers big ideas about topics like:

  • Relationships… 

  • Psychology & Mental Health… 

  • Weight Loss...

  • Business...

  • Parenting...

  • Philosophy...

  • Nutrition and Exercise...

  • How to Focus...

  • Habits (How to drop bad ones and create good ones)… 

  • And much more...

These classes allow you to take notes, ask questions, and participate in the discussions.

Example of my hand-written notes from the courses.

You get to “download” everything into your mind — all in one place.

And you get to start integrating the ideas into your everyday life... allowing you get your time back & focus on what's most important to you. 

~ Partnership, Community Support, & Accountability ~

What's likely the most valuable thing about the program?

Connecting with the people in the community.

Something very unique about the program… is that each member is matched with a “swim buddy.”

The concept is taken from the Navy SEAL training program…

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It’s the idea that you "partner up" with someone so that you can train together… 

Talking through the programs… sharing notes… helping each other through challenges… keeping one another accountable...

You never leave your partner until you have — as a team — reached your mutual goals.

TV gif. Jason Segel as Marshall and Alyson Hannigan as Lily of How I Met Your Mother sit in a bar booth and high five above each other's heads.

And then even after that… you can still support, like asking, “How are things going? ...Were you able to start that new habit?” 

This helps you to take action because your partner will ask about your progress…

It's definitely some accountability that you wouldn't necessarily have in another program… something that keeps you on track to become the type of person you want to be.

And you can also participate in their online social platform… which is a big group of like-minded, positive people…

It’s a supportive place to ask questions, get answers, and connect with those who share a similar life path.

This ongoing community support is something that's awesome about the program. 

~ End-of-Year Event & Spartan Race ~

At the end of the year, I traveled to Los Angeles, California, to meet everyone in person... and participate in the Spartan Race, as a team.

Getting together with everybody was a HUGE highlight of the program...

...Especially because my son got to join me there, too (The Optimize team was extremely accommodating if coaching students wanted to bring guests).

This event was incredible!

It was a room full of hundreds of people that had gone through the program… committed to get something out of it… and then finally… participated in a Spartan Race “mud run.” 

In the days leading up to the race… there were all types of feelings from everyone… from absolute terror… to “This is gonna be a lot of fun!”

And the race itself was a great time… 

It was a cold & rainy day in the Los Angeles mountains… we climbed over obstacles… carried heavy weights… threw spears…  swung on monkey bars… jumped in cold lake water… splashed around in the mud… trekked up steep hills… 

And in the end… at the finish line… everyone had something to be proud of… knowing that they pushed through adversity to complete a tough challenge.

Me crawling through the mud during the Spartan Race.

On Sunday morning after the race… The collective feeling in the room was, “Wasn't that awesome?!”

So, the energy of being around like-minded people... as a part of this special community… 

That was a special feeling.

And by the way: Not everyone could make the trip in-person… or participate in the race...

But those who couldn't make it... could still connect with everyone & get A LOT out of the online community aspect, too.

Note: This event's future scheduling depends on health protocols, and it's not clear if a Spartan Race will always be a part of this celebratory weekend in the future.

Find out more about Heroic Coach by clicking HERE.

5. What I Learned & How the Program Changed My Life

I'd boil down my biggest takeaways into 3 things:

I. The Knowledge

It was extremely valuable to have someone help me organize the ideas I wanted to learn about.

There's countless of books out there… from ones published over 2000 years ago… to ones that came out last week…

So how do you make sense of all that scattered information? 

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Getting overwhelmed means you're likely not going to do much… because complexity is the killer of execution…

So, it helped me to organize my weeks — despite a busy work schedule and family life — to discover important areas of philosophy and wisdom. 

II. How To Take Action More Successfully

This is even more important than the knowledge… because knowledge isn’t much without putting it to good use…

So, when I made it a priority to show up for the classes… and digest the material…

It put me in a good position to apply these great ideas to my own life.

Repetition is the mother of all skill… so logging in once a week to hear the material again… benefiting from others’ questions… pretty soon it becomes second nature.

And I was able to set goals & create habits that helped me progress in a short amount of time.

III. Getting the Confidence to Help Someone Else

If you want to be a coach or leader for others… it helps to practice your values consistently. 

In the program, they always talk about developing "enough strength for two people” …not just for yourself…

flexing arnold schwarzenegger GIF

So whether it’s about showing up for your family… your partner… ...your friends... or your clients...

This will show you how to support yourself — and others — even better.

It’s a great feeling to know that I can use this experience to help other people in my life.


Ultimately… going through the program with so many amazing people… it definitely changed me for the positive… and held me to a higher standard.

Find out more about Heroic Coach by clicking HERE.

6. What I Felt Could Be Improved 

The only thing I could think of is: To dedicate more people to the support staff.

It would have been helpful to have quicker answers to my questions about the mechanics of the program.

But it's understandable... every company has growing pains... especially when they face something like a fast increase in membership...

That's also what your swim buddies are for… and what the big community “Optimizers” (now the Heroic Community) is for… to ask questions and support each other.

I had to dig deep to find something to critique… because everything was so good.

One thing is for sure... this wouldn't stop me from giving it five stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

7. What Surprised Me About the Program

I was surprised by the sheer amount of people out there who are searching for the same thing.

You know… some people buy a self help book… then maybe 10% of those people will actually read the thing… 

And only 1% will ever put anything into action.

So it feels good to be around other people who also want to take things to the next level…

To go from theory… to practice… to mastery.

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So, I was happy to find “my people” …those who could help me "step up my game."

8. Who Can Benefit from Heroic Coach? 

In a word?


At the end-of-year event… the conference room was filled with all kinds of people from many different countries… of all ages… backgrounds… religions… etc…

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This type of actionable philosophy is valuable no matter who you are... or where you come from...

And it’s an amazing opportunity to grow as a person...

Here’s the bottom line:

If you believe you’re meant for a better life…

And you want to be the best version of yourself every single day…

Then do not hesitate to sign up.

Find out more about Heroic Coach by clicking HERE.

9. Who Might NOT be a Good Fit for this Program?

Honestly, I think it could be a good fit for anyone.

If someone is not interested in personal development at all… that might be an issue… I think it’s important to have a desire to grow…

But otherwise... unless you're a guru sitting on a mountaintop who's already figured everything out...

Then this will be an incredible program for you.

Meditation GIF

EVERYONE can benefit from lifelong education…

And there's always more to discover about ways to improve your life.

10. How Much Does Heroic Coach Cost to Join?

As of April 2022:

The cost to join Heroic Coach is only $300...

Which is a HUGE discount from what it used to be… $1,000.

But even at that level, it's still a deal I'd take over and over again.

11. Is Heroic Coach a Scam or Rip-Off? 

It’s sad that I even have to answer this… but it could be necessary considering how destructive Internet rumors can be…

So I’ll make this clear: No, Heroic Coach is NOT a scam or ripoff in any way.

The Heroic team is headed up by world-renowned experts in their field.

Those who signed up for Optimize include executives from some of the top companies on the planet... peak-performance experts... best selling authors... Navy SEALs (and those who train Navy SEALs)... etc.

And the Optimize (Heroic) Coach program was actually scientifically proven to change lives.

Which leads to the next question:

12. Is Heroic Coach worth the investment?

Well, there’s absolutely no question about it!

In fact… because of how much value the team delivers…

I’m surprised they didn’t price it 10X higher than what I paid.

It's such a small investment for the massive returns you could see in your life.

Even if you’re not ready to jump into the Heroic Coach program… you can get started with the Heroic platform for less… and then, from there, go as deep as you want.

Overall, Heroic Coach is at the top of the list when I consider all of my investments in personal growth over the decades.

Find out more about Heroic Coach by clicking HERE.

13. What I'd Say to Someone Who is Considering Joining?

I would simply say, "Go for it!"

you can do it cheering GIF

But if I was taking a more measured approach…

I’d be curious to know what you were hoping to get out of it... 

And if it’s because you want to change your life in a positive way… or to make this year the best one yet…

Then I would HIGHLY encourage you to do it.

Not everyone "hears the calling" toward this deep personal work…

So if you’re reading this… and have a desire to get more out of life... you've already accomplished something by visiting this webpage.

Is this the moment that everything changes for you?

Find out more about Heroic Coach by clicking HERE now.

*This program is great if you want to create or improve your coaching business... or if you simply want to become the very BEST version of yourself.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐