My Personal Review of Kion Aminos, Supplements, Coffee, and More

UltimateHuman Team Sep 05, 2022
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kion aminos review
Table of Contents
  1. Who is Ben Greenfield?
  2. What is Kion?
  3. My Kion Aminos Review
  4. My Kion Creatine Review
  5. My Kion Sleep Review
  6. My Kion Clean Coffee Review
  7. My Kion Clean Protein Review
  8. My Kion Energy Bar Review
  9. My Kion Colostrum Review
  10. My Kion Flex Review
  11. My Kion Omega Fish Oil Review
  12. The Bottom Line (My Star Rating)

🤔 Does Kion live up to its big promises?

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It's Mark with UltimateHuman.Org here...

If you spend any amount of time learning about biohacking... then it's inevitable that you'll come across Ben Greenfield and the nutrition company he founded, Kion.

Their new products — like Kion Aminos, Creatine, Clean Protein, and Coffee — have quickly gained popularity among doctors, nutritionists, wellness coaches, and everyday health enthusiasts...

This is because of their promise to deliver clean, high quality nutrition that's designed to help people boost energy, improve performance, drop weight, and extend lifespan.

Workout Gym GIF by Petter Pentilä

But is this popularity still well deserved?

In this article, I'm going to share my honest experience with their products (I've now tried nearly every one)...

Are they worth the price? How do they taste... or make you feel?

Find out everything (plus my personal rating out of 5 stars) by scrolling down below. 👇

Who is Ben Greenfield?

Among many things, Ben Greenfield is a 13-time Ironman triathlete, entrepreneur, investor, and human performance consultant — who's probably best known for hosting one of the world's most visited personal health websites, with millions of readers.

As a wellness expert, he's been featured in publications like WebMD, Men’s Health, NBC, Fox, MindBodyGreen, CBS Sports, Outside Magazine, and more.

who is ben greenfield

I'm not sure if I first heard about him on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, or from Brian Johnson's Optimize program...

But I just know I gravitated towards his content immediately because he seemed to be the ultimate biohacker.

The guy is like a human guinea pig who tries everything.

From his in-depth content and podcasts, I get a sense that he's very honest & detail-oriented in his analysis.

He offers advice for people at all levels.. and is one of my go-to sources to learn about achievement in the physical and mental realms.

So, I believe that if I do even half of what he does, I'll be in a better place.

What is Kion?

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Kion is a nutrition & supplement company born out of years of ongoing research & development by co-founder Ben Greenfield and his team.

what is kion supplements

Kion team at annual team Spartan Race. ^

They named the company, Kion, because of it's roots in the Japanese term, "Ki," which is often loosely translated as energy, spirit, vitality, life force, air, emotion, feeling, movement, or flow.

One of the things that might separate them from other companies is their meticulous research and quality control in the 4-step product development process:

  1. Research-first formulations: They include ingredients and dosages that have proven, consistent results in clinical studies.

  2. Ingredient sourcing: They only use premium ingredients verified for identity, potency, and purity - while never use fillers or junk additives.

  3. Careful Manufacturing: They make their stuff in a cGMP facility (which basically means that they prioritize quality and safety to meet certain legal standards) that is certified by the National Science Foundation.

  4. Product testing: They use third-party product testers to confirm purity by using stringent microbial and contaminant requirements — designed to keep OUT unhealthy things like mold, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, hormones, or antibiotics.

The company is on the cutting edge of health & fitness... and they've even started sponsoring professional athletes who use their products for the performance benefits.

Because of my trust in Ben's expertise & commitment to a healthy lifestyle...

I wanted to use the very same products he does (these ones).

And I'm glad I did — the products DO seem to be very high-quality and they're always delivered on-time... so, I've gotten used to getting them over and over again.

Note: You can buy them individually as one-offs... or you can get an extra discount — ON TOP of a promo code — if you buy in bundles or subscriptions.

Now, let's get into the review of each product:

My Kion Aminos Review

I like to give my body the biggest advantage I can during the natural fitness cycle of stress and recovery.

So, I rely on these Kion Aminos as part of my routine to help me boost energy, build lean muscle, stay mentally sharper, and speed up/enhance my recovery (which is especially important at my age).

kion aminos review

When making decisions, I like to leverage off the time of people who do deep research AND have great results to show.

I've long heard from elite athletes — like Ben or pro big wave surfer Laird Hamilton — that aminos are an essential part of overall health & performance.

So, for good measure, a scoop of this stuff often goes into my daily protein shake.

dan aykroyd blender GIF by Saturday Night Live

Because I mix it in, I haven't tried the taste on its own yet... but everyone says it tastes great.

They're also plant-based, which is a bonus for many people.

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are the building blocks of protein, and so they play a big role in overall health and fitness.

Ben, who's used this type of supplement LONG before starting Kion, says:

"Injured or sick? I'll take up to 30 in a single day to give my body extra protein without creating digestive strain. In ketosis or fasting? I completely and instantly crush any appetite or food cravings with a single serving of Kion Aminos tablets or powder."

So, it's a versatile supplement that has the potential to help in many ways — and I think it's probably an important tool for anyone who wants to improve their health.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Aminos!

My Kion Creatine Review

You might be surprised to know:

Creatine could be the world's most well-studied performance supplement... with THOUSANDS of studies backing up its benefits for muscle growth, athletic performance, and recovery.

It's something often advertised to young male bodybuilders because of its ability to assist in increasing muscle strength and weightlifting performance...

little giants GIF

But the truth is, it could be a good option for adult men and women, both younger and older, because it can improve both physical and mental functions.

I'm getting a little bit older myself...

So I need ways to increase my muscle mass and density — which is known as a major contributor to healthy aging.

Kion creatine was perfect because it's designed to fight fatigue, increase muscle mass, and even improve cognitive function.

kion creatine review

I don't use it every single day, but I do regularly add it to my protein shakes or smoothies.

Like the aminos, it comes in fruit flavors, which blend well with my other smoothie ingredients.

Kion Creatine is:

  • Made with something called Creapure®, which is German-manufactured to produce the purest creatine monohydrate available

  • Plant-based so people with different lifestyles can still enjoy its benefits

  • And it has a high absorption rate of 95% which means that most of the product is bioavailable & ready to be quickly used by the body

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Creatine!

My Kion Sleep Review

Good sleep is a cornerstone of a healthy life, and I'm always looking for ways to improve my nightly rest.

So, I decided to give the Kion Sleep Supplement a try.

kion sleep review

The capsules contain 3 natural ingredients (without the controversial melatonin) to support sleep:

  • Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (as PharmaGABA): Promotes brain wave activity associated with relaxation

  • And L-Theanine and L-Tryptophan: Which each improve sleep latency, duration, and quality

To be honest, I can't say that it made a big difference for me.

But as a disclaimer: I was coming off of a week-long vacation when I started... I only tried them for about 2 weeks... and, at first, I only took 2 pills per night, instead of the suggested 3.

Sometimes I'd sleep through the night, other times not.

I definitely felt a noticeable effect, but at times I'd be a little groggy while waking dream state late in the morning. This could be, in part, because I wake up with an alarm.

Tired Back To School GIF by Originals

I think I need to give them another fair try and then update this article... because there's so many things that can affect sleep:

  • Did you stay up later than you normally would?

  • Did you drink alcohol before bed?

  • Do you drink coffee late in the day?

  • Any stress in with your work or your family?

So many variables add up to a good sleep... and if one thing is off... then it can send everything else out of whack. 😴

At the end of the day, supplements might help optimize your sleep... but they're not gonna save you from a poor sleeping environment or bad habits.

So, if you are looking for an edge when it comes to rest, they might be worth a try:

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Sleep!

My Kion Clean Coffee Review

When it comes to their cup of joe...

Kion is probably best known for rigorously testing their Clean Coffee to detect mold, mycotoxins, and pesticides — which are things that could, shockingly, affect about 97% of coffee sold worldwide. 😳

kion clean coffee review

Far from "commercial coffee," I like that Kion sources their stuff from 100% certified organic Arabica beans that are grown and harvested on sustainable, fair-trade coffee co-ops.

At first I was skeptical because I've never ordered coffee by mail before... but it came in an air-tight bag with a reusable seal...

AND it's as good (if not better) than any high-quality cup of coffee I've head in my life. ☕️

They've got whole bean or ground options for their blends: Medium, Dark, and Decaf (processed with mountain spring water).

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Clean Coffee!

My Kion Clean Protein Review

If there's one thing the world probably has enough of... it's protein powder products.

With that said, it can be hard to find a great one that you can trust.

For me, that's where Kion Clean Protein comes into play.

kion clean protein review

I like to add the unflavored one into my shakes and smoothies. They've also got chocolate and vanilla options.

Unless you're tracking your muscle progress closely, then protein is a lot like other "innvisible" supplementation: You take it and hope it's working.

And I feel good trusting that leap of faith to Kion.

It's a whey protein that comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows...

And it has NO antibiotics, growth hormones, lactose, GMOs, carbs, milk fat, artificial sweeteners, or fillers.

Similar to their Clean Coffee, they also test their Clean Protein for unhealthy things like mold, bacteria, and heavy metals.

...hence the word "Clean."

One thing that IS noticeable: It keeps me feeling full in the morning, which helps me manage weight & energy much more than simple carbohydrates would.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Clean Protein!

My Kion Energy Bar Review

Say goodbye to highly-processed, high sugar bars that melt in your bag...

I love having protein bars on-hand for a pick-me-up while I'm on the go... and Kion's energy bars are great:

kion energy bar review

These things taste pretty good...

And unlike other bars that have a bunch of gibberish listed under "ingredients"...

Kion bars are made from whole foods you can actually pronounce like Cocoa Nibs, coconut, almonds, chia & sesame seeds, honey, and more.

They've also got a complete set of plant-based protein & grass-fed gelatin for gut and joint support.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Energy Bars!

My Kion Colostrum Review

The Kion Colostrum is probably the weirdest supplement on this list...

But that doesn't mean it's not powerful:

kion colostrum review

Colostrum is a natural, milky substance found in the breastmilk of mammals (including humans)...

And as you might expect from a natural source of nutrition fit for a new-born baby... it's chock-full essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes.

Like they do with their Clean Protein, Kion sources their colostrum from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.

I decided to try it out because I heard it's especially helpful for immune function. I hardly ever get sick and I like to keep it that way.

It could also be helpful for gut health & athletic recovery.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Colostrum!

My Kion Flex Review

While preparing for a Spartan Race "mud run," I took the Kion Flex supplement for joint health.

kion flex review

I was training every week beforehand & then I got all the way through the race with ZERO pain.

I understand this might be a bit anecdotal, but I believe it helped.

The supplement uses a mix which includes advanced turmeric, special enzymes, a south asian superfruit extract, and more...

These helpful ingredients are designed to reduce exercise-related inflammation, soreness, and discomfort... while increasing joint health, mobility, and flexibility.

Now that I'm in my 60s, I need every advantage I can get. This is one of them.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Flex!

My Kion Omega Fish Oil Review

Like I mentioned, there's some supplements that are "invisible" — meaning they don't always produce noticeable effects and you just hope they're working.

So again, it comes down to my trust in Kion with the Kion Omega Fish Oil.

kion omega fish oil review

Omega-3 fatty acids help in a BIG way... they can help enhance recovery, boost mood, and promote healthy heart & brain function.

BUT you've got to be careful with fish products because there's a risk of heavy metal contamination. 🐠

That's why I look to Kion for something that's high quality - I have more confidence with their quality control:

They test the fish oil for lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium.

Anything short of sending this stuff to an independent lab for testing, I just trust that Kion is doing a great job.

Click HERE and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off Kion Omega Fish Oil!

The Bottom Line (My Star Rating)

Ultimately, I love aligning with people that inspire me...

And when those types of people create great products, that's even better.

Because of Ben Greenfield's original vision... and Kion's organizational attention to clinical research and quality control...

It's hard not to LOVE this company.

And I'm not the only one who feels this way... their products have got a sum average of 4 and 1/2 stars on Amazon.

But I'll take things a step further and say they deserve 5 stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, if you're ready to take your health and performance to the next level...

Go HERE now and use promo code "ULTIMATEHUMAN" for an extra 10% off ANYTHING in the Kion online store!

And I hope you enjoy their stuff as much as I do. 💪

Table of Contents
  1. Who is Ben Greenfield?
  2. What is Kion?
  3. My Kion Aminos Review
  4. My Kion Creatine Review
  5. My Kion Sleep Review
  6. My Kion Clean Coffee Review
  7. My Kion Clean Protein Review
  8. My Kion Energy Bar Review
  9. My Kion Colostrum Review
  10. My Kion Flex Review
  11. My Kion Omega Fish Oil Review
  12. The Bottom Line (My Star Rating)