What is Biohacking? A Quick 4-Minute Guide

UltimateHuman Team Apr 12, 2022
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what is biohacking?


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The term "biohacking" is red hot in the personal health & performance community these days...

But what exactly is it?

It's not certain who originally coined the term...

But recently, it's gained a lot of traction... thanks to popular "biohackers" like Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Ben Greenfield...

Biohacking Definition:

Simply put... Biohacking is do-it-yourself (DIY) biology.

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It involves using scientific tools & techniques to change your body’s physiology or chemistry through self-experimentation...

All in the pursuit of enhancing things like your energy, performance, and overall quality of life.

Let's dig a little deeper... and you'll have everything you need to know in 4 minutes or less:

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Biohacking Examples

Common biohacking practices range from something as simple and natural as meditation or intermittent fasting...

...To using wearable technology like the Apple Watch or Oura Ring to track your health & biomarkers...

...To something more advanced and cutting-edge like:

  • Stem cell/exosome therapies: Biological anti-aging interventions

  • Cryotherapy: Using extreme cold temperatures to recover & reduce inflammation

  • Or shockwave therapy: Sound-wave healing with medical devices...

Whether it's something that's been practiced for centuries... or requires advanced technologies...

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The goal of any biohacking technique is to make you better in some way... one step closer to "superhuman" status...

As these tools & technology continue to become more (1) available, (2) affordable, and (3) medically accepted...

The biohacking trend is likely to keep growing.

Here are some other ways to start biohacking & important parts of this emerging field:

Simple Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

These include traditional practices that you may not even consider as "biohacking."

We've already mentioned a few... things like:

  • Meditation

  • Intermittent fasting

  • Yoga

  • Regular exercise

  • Healthy eating

  • Biohacking supplements like nootropics

  • Optimizing your sleep

  • Or spending more time in nature

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Practicing theses rituals is an easy step to take on your biohacking journey.

Genetic Testing

With the rise of affordable at-home DNA/genetic testing for insights into your ancestry, health, and more...

People are adapting their lifestyle (eating habits, exercise routines, etc.) to account for certain genetic predispositions they have.

For example, taking countermeasures to lower your risk of getting a disease you are genetically predisposed toward...

Or avoiding certain foods that you don't digest well.

^ This is seen with nutrigenomics...

Which is the developing idea that a person’s entire genetic expression can be mapped out and optimized by testing how certain nutrients affect their health over time.

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It also seeks to find out how food affects a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Overall, there is still much research to be done in this world of hyper-personalized healthcare... but it is promising.

Putting "DIY Biology" Into Practice

Also known as DIYbio, the biohacking community is made up of those with expert-level scientific and medical knowledge.

These biohackers are known for sharing the latest advice and techniques with everyday people who are curious about the evidence behind these practices.

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A lot of information about biohacking flows this way...

And it has allowed people to do self-administered "experiments" on their own... outside a typical controlled research space, such as medical offices and labs.

This can include using treatments like:

  • Red Light Therapy: Using lightwaves to interact with the skin

  • Compression Therapy: Massage-like techniques to drain the lymphatic system

  • Functional Music: Using songs/frequencies that interact well with certain brainwaves

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With new technology and research, the potential of biohacking in the 21st Century is limitless. (Photo: timetoast.com)

The More Extreme Side of Biohacking

Like any movement... biohacking also has its extremes...

The Grinder biohacking subculture tends to see each part of the human body as fundamentally hackable.

"Grinders" try to push the boundaries of what biohacking can be... which can include wild ideas like becoming a cyborg...

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Or by modifying their bodies using various gadgets, implants, or even chemical injections.

This is where the idea of transhumanism is taken to sci-fi levels.

The Grinder biohacking movement is not to be confused with similar advancements being made in traditional medical environments, like robotic prosthetics.

But as far as this stuff goes, we tend to side with Ben Greenfield:

So, Why Try Biohacking?

Alongside benefits like enhancing their looks or performance...

Many people people start biohacking for health & longevity reasons.

For example, you might look into nutrigenomics in an effort to:

  • Enhance your bodily function... including better gut bacteria or blood pressure

  • Achieve mental, physical, and emotional changes... like reducing symptoms of depression or losing weight

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After they consult their doctor about it, anyone dealing with these health issues may look to biohacking methods for help.



There it is... the basics of biohacking in 4-minutes or less.

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We want to know: Where are you in your biohacking journey?

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