Writer: Jon Mitchell, PA-C

Jon Mitchell PA Ultimate Human

Contributor @ UltimateHuman.Org

Jon Mitchell is a functional medicine practitioner turned health consultant.

He's a certified Physician Assistant, and like thousands of other health professionals, Jon was deeply discouraged by the traditional path encouraged in modern-day medical schools.

This often looks like (1) writing prescriptions, and (2) simply managing patients' symptoms — all without getting down to the root causes of problems.

He knew people deserved better.

So, Jon chose to focus on functional medicine, which is a highly-personalized approach that looks at nearly any factor that could contribute to dysfunction or disease: Environmental, nutritional, mental, lifestyle, etc.

These days, he is a sought-after expert — both by publications and private clients — for his specialized knowledge in this field and unique ability to help improve people's quality of life.

To find out more about Jon, visit his website here: https://jonmitchellpa.com/

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