How To Stay Hydrated: 7 Tips You've Probably Never Heard

UltimateHuman Team Jun 21, 2022
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how to stay hydrated


Written by: Jon Mitchell, PA-C

Everyone knows hydration is important...

But you almost never hear about how to actually stay hydrated — besides the tired-out advice, like to "drink 8 cups of water a day."

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And on the other hand, some people are now advising to only drink when you feel thirsty.

Recommendations like this are vague, confusing, and totally miss the vital details of proper hydration.

So who’s really right? ...And is
drinking volume really the only thing that matters when it comes to hydrating?

Well, there's much more to the story...

So, let's dive into 7 uncommon tips to optimize your hydration (Scroll to see) 👇

1. Remove Contaminants by using a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter

There are many different types of water filters out there...

And frankly, most do a poor job of filtering out anything, besides odors and maybe a few contaminants.

That's why I love RO filters.

Reverse osmosis filters are able to remove contaminants down to .01 micrometers, which is SMALL.

There's only one issue...

This process is so effective that it also removes minerals, which are important, so make sure to add them back in:

2. Add in Key Minerals

Most sports drinks focus solely on repleting sodium levels, which is important if engaging in physical activity...

But they often forget other key minerals like potassium and magnesium.

This is important when you consider approximately
50% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.

So, consider adding sodium, potassium, magnesium, and trace minerals when possible.

3. Avoid Drinking out of Plastic

Plastic can leech into your water and act like estrogen in the body (Yes, this goes for BPA-free plastic, too).

Instead, try to use non-reactive containers such as glass or stainless steel.

4. Aim for 2 Liters of Water Daily

While there are no hard-and-fast rules on water intake... 2 liters is a good baseline for the majority of people.

From there, it depends on factors like your size, activity level, and heat exposure.

Hopefully, now you've got a benchmark that's a little more reliable than the unclear "8 cup rule."

5. Avoid Overhydration

Surprisingly, drinking too much water can actually cause issues...

Especially when it lacks the right mineral content — can dangerously dilute your electrolytes.

These minerals are a part of thousands of biochemical properties in the body, so it's vital to keep them at good levels.

Most people are deficient in at least a few, which can contribute to the development of disease over time if not corrected.

In the short term, drinking too much plain water can also cause a condition called
hyponatremia, where you significantly dilute your sodium stores. 

If severe, this condition can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting, confusion, and seizures.

6. Drink in Gulps Instead of Sipping

It may sound odd...

But this strategy stimulates your vagus nerve, which could help put you nervous system into a more relaxed, parasympathetic state...

Allowing you to more easily "rest and digest."

7. Don't Use Other Drinks to Substitute for Water

Water is water.

In other words... drinking tea, coffee, or some other liquid is not a substitute for water intake.

be especially careful when drinking anything with caffeine or alcohol...

Both substances have a slight diuretic effect, which means they could increase your body's urine output and impair your hydration status.

The Bottom Line

Proper hydration helps keep your body healthy both in the short & long term.

And it's not just something for athletes to consider — it's important for everyone.

So, keep these 7 tips in mind if you want to function at your best, no matter what you're lifestyle is.


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