Nootropics for ADHD: Everything You Need To Know

UltimateHuman Team Apr 17, 2022
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Note: To my ADHD people out there... it's OKAY if you need to take a break while reading this... or even add it to your likely collection of browser tabs open right now! 😄😉 ...Now, without further adieu:

When it comes to dealing with ADHD symptoms, research tells us that diet and nutrition could have strong impacts... 

Medications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are used to mitigate symptoms as well...

But it's no secret that fine-tuning your treatment can be challenging.

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When you're stuck, it might be a good idea to explore supplement options available to you. 

And there's a category of supplements called "nootropics" that could be exactly what you're looking for...

Today, we're going to look at nootropics for ADHD... and shed some light on what they are & how they could help. 

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We hope the ideas below provide you with some inspiration to explore new solutions.

Let's get started:

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements intended to "hack" or increase productivity in the mind.

People use nootropics for focus, energy, memory, and other things.

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There are a lot of products to choose from, and all of them have different potential results...

However, these supplements might work for some people and not for others...

As always, it's important to read reviews and do your own research... because it's difficult to know if you'll benefit from a particular nootropic until you give it a shot. 

Nootropics and ADHD

It's understood that two dominant neurotransmitters play key roles in ADHD:

Those are dopamine and norepinephrine. 

These chemicals play important parts in the management of attention, decision-making, impulse control, and multitasking.

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The brain's use of these chemicals is also integral in other mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. 

Another key player in ADHD is adrenaline...

Together these neurotransmitters and hormones — dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenalineare called catecholamines...

And it's important to cover them because some nootropics impact their regulation and production in the body.

We should also note that the term "nootropics" covers a wide range of medications.

Things like caffeine, Adderall, and Omega-3 fatty acids are all nootropics. 

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Best Nootropics for ADHD

There are also a number of lesser-known nootropics that could benefit individuals with ADHD. 

Modafinil, bromantane, selegiline, and phenylpiracetam are all nootropics that impact dopamine production, upregulation, or reuptake.

These drugs require a plan of action rather than a simple take-as-you-go approach. 

Natural nootropics like iron and ginseng are also known to impact dopamine production and regulation.

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Minerals like iron need some time (a few weeks/months) to build up and make a difference, but they can have a huge impact. 

Even though it's not a substance... some individuals even consider meditation to be a nootropic.

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That's because of its natural, long-lasting effects on the mind.

The best way to biohack and improve the quality of your life is to talk with your doctor and see what's missing.   

If you can identify key opportunities for an improved diet, you can use nootropics to fill those gaps and — potentially — feel a lot better. 

Want to Discover More About Nootropics & Biohacking?

Using nootropics for ADHD could be a really powerful step in the right direction.

There's a lot more to learn about these supplements and strategies, though... and we're here to help. 

Explore our site to learn more about ways to use nootropics, strategies for improving your health, biohacking, and more. 


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