The Surprising Role of Spirituality in Biohacking

UltimateHuman Team Nov 11, 2022
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Written by: Sandy Kruse, host of the Sandy K Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Queen Podcast

It was one of the most difficult moments of my life:

Both myself and my daughter got cancer within the same year.

During this time, I experienced what's often called a "dark night of the soul."

It was an intense challenge... and much of who I thought I was faded away.

At the same time, I felt a new entrance was opening within me...

And it was our road to recovery that revealed amazing new insights about life and health.

Most of all, I realized that our physical health & spiritual health are very closely connected.

Now, I want to share what I've learned with you. (Scroll below for more 👇)

What is Spiritual Biohacking?

The term “biohacking” is becoming more mainstream these days...

And many who are not familiar with the term may think of it as some sort of weird science (which it can be!)...

But I believe many of us are actually already "biohackers" without realizing it.

To me, biohacking is simply being proactive to take control of your health.

It's the ongoing testing of the N-of-1 theory, which is the idea that healthcare is at its best when individualized to each person/ patient.

More people are taking things into their own hands because of the shortcomings of the westernized approach to medicine. Many countries' healthcare systems have taken a turn for the worse — healthcare has truly become sick care.

Much of my own biohacking journey began when I had a total thyroidectomy.

This procedure took a big toll on me. So, in order to feel well again, I tried many new things in natural health that few people were doing years ago.

I saw progress from my new holistic lifestyle... but something was still missing.

That's when I realized something important:

In all the science of biohacking, one thing often left behind is the spirit. Until we get our spirit aligned, the body will struggle to follow.

I believe we must embrace ALL elements that contribute to our wellbeing — the body, mind, spirit, and soul.

This is where my spiritual biohacking started.

As I tried to gain control of my health, I did not feel aligned in my body until I got my head on straight.

I was raised Catholic. I tried to turn to this when I had cancer, but my childhood teachings were no longer serving me.

I needed something to address my bigger questions:

Why did my child and I fall ill at the same time? And even further, why do children get cancer?

I sought out answers and experimented with what resonated.

  • I studied Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese practice that aims to create harmony between people and their environment. I called in a consultant to assess the energy within my home and I still practice it myself to this day.

  • I turned to nature to guide me with her signs and symbols; ones I ignored in the past.

  • I blogged and journaled regularly to release blockages & feelings of unease.

  • And I observed, with great respect, ancient customs and traditions from various religions and spiritual practices that resonated with me...

This is spiritual biohacking, exploring your alignment with various methods to power your spirit.

When you fuel your spirit & soul, you fuel your overall wellness.

Did I ever get my questions fully answered?


But I do feel more at ease with the purpose of my journey here on Earth.


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