Ultimate Guide to Shockwave Therapy for ED at Home

UltimateHuman Team May 18, 2023
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shockwave therapy for ED at home


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There aren't many conditions on Earth more frustrating than erectile dysfunction (E.D.)...

It can cause a lot of stress and heartache for men and their partners.

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There are a variety of factors that can cause it, both physical and mental...

And despite public perception, it can strike at any age (not just in your later years).

But thanks to a new technology, men everywhere are now finding relief.

Studies show that shockwave therapy could be an effective method for reducing many medical issues in adults

From joint pain... to cellulite... and, yes, ED...

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Many people are now seeking this treatment as a safe and painless alternative to traditional treatments.

And while this used to cost an arm and a leg in clinics, is now being offered much more affordably, and discreetly, at-home.

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How Shockwave Therapy Works

Known as low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (Li-ESWT)... shockwave therapy uses focused sound waves (NOT electricity - as some might guess) to treat problem areas in the body.

It's also called acoustic wave therapy, but there are some in the medical field who say these two are different things based on the intensity of the energy signal.

Investigation into these treatments began as early as the 1960s in Germany.

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It was not until 1980, though, that the first successful prototype worked in treating kidney stones.

And over the past 2-3 decades, doctors everywhere have been using shockwave therapy more and more.

These Li-ESWT devices deliver targeted pulses of kinetic energy through the body's muscles, tendons, and tissues to stimulate biological functions.

This process has the benefit of potentially increasing cell regeneration and blood flow...

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Which could promote healing of the affected area and lower pain in the region.

It could be an especially good option for those who want to avoid invasive surgery.

And for those suffering from ED, it could be an affordable, easy, and painless way to get long-term results.

What Causes ED?

In truth, many men will see these symptoms to some extent during their lives.

It's been said that 40% of men over 40 years old have some form of ED.

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For some, its cause can be psychological...

Things like stress, depression, or anxiety can prevent some guys from "getting it up."

For others, it can be a physical symptom that requires extra help to ease.

For most, this decline in bedroom performance is natural... but it doesn't mean it has to be permanent, at all.

Treatments for ED

Everyone knows about the "little blue pill" treatments...

But these medications are like a bandage that does not address the underlying issue.

So, many spend a fortune over their lifetime... all for temporary results.

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In more extreme cases, some guys resort to injections or even surgery to fix bigger problems with their "equipment."

That's why shockwave therapy is so exciting for men.

New research has shown this tech could help increase blood flow, and encourage lasting performance.

Alongside shockwave treatments, your doctor may suggest other things to help. These might include:

  • Seeing if current medications are causing issues

  • Prescribing medicine to lower your blood pressure

  • Or methods to increase your testosterone levels

Even if you are a shockwave therapy candidate, your doctor may also suggest those "blue pills" as an added help.

On top of all this, there's hardly anything more important than looking at your everyday health choices.

Whether or not you smoke... the level of exercise you do... your weight management... diet...

Lifestyle factors like these can play a huge role in your bedroom performance.

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Shockwave Therapy for ED Cost

In local medical or health offices...

Guys used to have to shell out $3,000-$6,000 (or more) for this stuff...

But thanks to new at-home devices, there's much cheaper options these days.

The Best At-Home ED Devices

This field is new... and as such, there's not too many players in this space yet...

But one company that's been getting great reviews online — including places like YouTube and Reddit — is Launch Medical.

Launch Medical is the creator of The Phoenix device, which gives guys the ability to use this type of tech at-home.

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This is great because it can save you a trip to the clinic... money... and potential embarrassment of having someone else in the room while doing it.

With that said, there's still advantages to getting professional supervision... which is why you could also visit your local clinic.

They may even have Phoenix Pro program, which allows you to use it under the guidance of a clinician more affordably.

As with anything related to medicine, they do not make any claims about cures...

But it does fix an underlying cause of ED:

This device is FDA registered to improve local blood flow.

And over 85% of men who completed their Chief Medical Officer's 120-day Li-ESWT protocol noticed significant improvement.

You can get the Phoenix for $100 off by clicking HERE and using discount code: EASY100.

The Bottom Line

Thankfully, are many options for American men to get shockwave therapy today.

After a conversation with your doctor, you might find that it's a good option to try.

And for everything else that you might need to know about staying younger...

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