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New Book Review: Tony Robbins' Life Force

Is it worth reading?

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There's no shortage of sci-fi movies that depict amazing futuristic health treatments:

  • Simple medicines that can cure life-threatening diseases

  • Anti-aging treatments to make the old young again

  • And methods to help people live longer than ever...

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...it's all just dreams and fantasy, right?

Well... according to best-selling author Tony Robbins... AND some of the world's leading health professionals...

These "medical miracles" are actually becoming reality much faster than we're aware...

And some are already here.

It's all inside Tony Robbins' new book called:

"Life Force: How Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love."

I went through the entire thing & I'm ready to share my in-depth book review...

So, to see 13 of the book's biggest ideas... and how to revitalize your own health, energy, and looks...

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3 Simple Things You'll Discover Below

  • Why Tony Robbins Wrote This Book

  • 13 of the Book's Best Ideas

    1. The Rise of Stem Cells and Exosomes

    2. Taking a Test Could Mean Life or Death

    3. How To Build Your Supplement Stack

    4. Printed Organs On-Demand?

    5. The Future of Gene Therapy and Editing (CRISPR, etc.)

    6. The Problem With Aging

    7. Put A Pep In Your Step With Peptides?

    8. Winning The Battle Against Deadly Diseases

    9. The Best Biohacking Tech Tools

    10. Virtual Reality for Your Health

    11. Fitness and Diet Made Simple

    12. Secrets of a Deep Sleep

    13. Mental Health & Addiction Relief

  • Conclusion

The Story Behind Why Tony Robbins Wrote This Book

Out of all the people in the world to write a popular book about biohacking and regenerative medicine...

Why is it businessman and speaker, Tony Robbins?

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While he's not a doctor, Tony actually has a lot of experience in these areas β€” both personally and as an investor in the future of health...

Alongside his co-authors & friends, Peter Diamandis and Dr. Robert Hariri, PhD, who each have stellar resumes as co-founders of revolutionary biotech companies like Celularity and Human Longevity Inc....

Tony wrote "Life Force" to spread the word about all of the amazing medical advancements humans are making.

He also got some extra motivation from his own health scares (and subsequent treatments) throughout his life:

During a rough snowboarding accident, Tony ripped the rotator cuff in his shoulder so badly... that he ranked the pain a 9.9 out of 10.

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He used PEMF Therapy to help... but he was at risk of not being able to lift his arm normally... even after surgery and a 4-6 month recovery timeline...

Because of his hectic work & travel schedule, he wanted something else to help him heal fully and faster...

But that's when he was "punched in the stomach" by life.

On a doctor's visit, one physician told Tony that he had severe spinal stenosis... which meant he may have to stop most physical activity... or else risk never walking again.

As someone who's lived his entire life finding solutions, Tony knew there had to be another way...

Curious about stem cells, he reached out to experts on the subject, Peter Diamandis and Dr. Robert Hariri.

After a few conversations with them, Tony decided to get placenta-derived stem cell and exosome therapies.

3 days later...

He woke up with ZERO pain in his shoulder... and no pain in back for the first time in 14 years.

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After that, he was hooked on exploring this new world of medical technology.

In fact, he became so involved that he received an invitation from the Pope to visit the Vatican and give a speech during the church's international conference featuring regenerative medicine.

Inspired by his own experiences...

And the incredible stories of regenerative healing from people like soccer's all-time great, Christiano Ronaldo... the late basketball icon, Kobe Bryant... and golfing legend, Jack Nicklaus...

Tony began his 3-year journey to work on this exciting new book idea - alongside "Dr. Bob," Peter, and a world-class medical advisory board.

"Life Force" Book Summary & Review (13 Of The Best Ideas)

When Tony wrote "Money: Master the Game" back in 2014... he interviewed some of the market's richest and smartest investors...

Now, with "Life Force," he's taken a similar approach:

He's interviewed over 150 doctors, scientists, Nobel Laureates , and researchers about the future of healthcare β€” and simplified everything into layman's terms.

The book is filled with great information and sources that could be helpful for nearly anyone who wants to improve β€” or even save β€” their life.

It's truly worth reading through the whole thing.

With that said, here's XX of the most interesting ideas inside:

1. The Rise of Stem Cells and Exosomes

The fact that Tony spoke about stem cells at a conference hosted by the Catholic Church speaks volumes about how far this treatment has come in changing its public perception.

Once a controversial therapy because of its sourcing from fetal tissue...

Now, we have much more ethical and effective ways of harvesting these microscopic miracles β€” from placentas and our own bodies.

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These "blank slate" cells have the ability to transform into any type of cell... and they hold the promise to reverse aging, quickly repair our bodies, and treat nearly any disease...

They have the potential to address:

  • Damaged joints

  • Baldness

  • Aging skin and burns

  • Sexual function & libido

  • Alzheimer's Disease

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Pain

  • Cancer

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Low energy

It even features the incredible story of how stem cells reversed one child’s Leukemia cancer.

Because of this, many parents are considering cryogenically freezing their children's placentas as a "rainy day" plan for future health issues.

There's also exciting info about exosomes, which are small "messenger" nanoparticles that stem cells send out to make the body younger.

These might be even better than the stem cells because they could accomplish the same goals β€” without the complications that stem cell treatments sometimes face.

2. Taking a Test Could Mean Life or Death

"To get where you want to go... you first need to find out where you are."

There's 2 types of people in the world:

  • Those who want to discover problems early and deal with them

  • Those who'd rather not know

It's no secret that medical tests can be scary...

Men, in particular, avoid doctors' offices at shocking rates...

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One survey from the Cleveland Clinic revealed about two thirds of men "avoid going to the doctor as long as possible."

It's clear that something needs to change... and that more people need access to potentially life-saving info.

But even for those who get routine physicals... these processes are not set up to dive deep and catch complex problems...

That's where advanced testing comes in.

These days, there's diagnostic tools that act as a kind of "check engine light" for our bodies.

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Tony credits these insights to helping him regain his energy and vitality.

As someone who ate a fish-heavy diet, Tony discovered β€” through an examination by Quicksilver Scientific β€” that he had high levels of metal toxicity in his body.

This discovery allowed him to make a "huge" change in his health... and resume his normal physical & mental function.

But this is just one type of test.

Now, there's tests for nearly anything you want to detect in your body β€” whether looking for a current problem or to find potential risks as a preventative measure.

Companies like Fountain Life are pioneering the widespread adoption of these diagnostics.

There's also plenty of wearable tech options, like Whoop, to monitor yourself on a daily basis...

And doctors like Mary Lou Jepson are working to make exams like MRI's 1000x cheaper and smaller.

So, yes, there's more you can do than just "an apple a day." 🍎

3. How To Build Your Supplement Stack

As with any of the info in this book & article, it's important to talk to your doctor before making any decisions about your health or diet...

But there's some growing knowledge about the general benefits of certain biohacking supplements.

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Here's a handful featured in the book and what they could do:

  • Vitamin D3: Help balance hormones, strengthen bones, and boost immune system

  • Vitamin K2: Assist in protecting arteries from plugging protection

  • Resveratrol: Aid in protecting your brain and heart (Best to be eaten with a fat source)

  • NAD+: Often taken with NMN-, this special molecule helps to regulate and "recharge the cells' batteries." We lose most of our natural supply in our 50s (when needed most), so it could be key to staying youthful.

  • Rapamycin: Some research shows that this anti-aging compound could be the ticket to our longevity. In a study using middle-aged mice, just 3 months of high-dose rapamycin treatment increased life expectancy up to 60%!

  • Magnesium: Could help in the fight against cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, osteoporosis, migraines, and lack of sleep.

4. Printed Organs On-Demand?

The organs in our bodies keep us going every single day...

But what happens when you need a new one?

Traditionally, patients have relied on organ donations β€” a process that is usually unreliable and expensive...

But what if you could just "print" a new heart, lung, or liver from scratch?

That's the promise of 3D printed organs.

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Some companies are creating the possibility to get a "backup set" of body parts.

From prosthetics to skin... ears, retinas, and bladders...

You may soon have some "spare parts" to keep your body running smoothly β€” no matter what health challenge you are facing.

5. The Future of Gene Therapy and Editing (CRISPR, etc.)

At birth we all inherit a certain set of genes that can affect almost everything about our lives β€” from our health to our behavior...

So, what happens when you "edit" these genes like you would a school paper?

You could add, subtract, or splice genes to fit your personal health goals.

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Well... that's what many leading biotech firms are working on right now.

Things like the DNA/enzyme combo, CRISPR-Cas9, could help treat major diseases...

And it may change how we are born, and how we live & die, forever.

6. The Problem With Aging

Aging itself has been called "the mother of virtually all disease."

For example, smoking raises risks of cancer 5x…

Aging on the other hand... raises it by 500x!

Our cells tend to stop functioning properly as we get older.

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This can lead to all kinds of health complications...

And it's why the book focuses heavily on how to reverse aging and biohacking secrets.

It features people like Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School, who are on the front lines in the fight against threats to both our healthspan and lifespan.

The health of our cells β€” and of things like the Wnt signaling pathways in our bodies β€” is very important to maintain as we get older...

That is, if we are to have a shot at aging gracefully & happily.

7. Put A Pep In Your Step With Peptides?

Peptides are amino acid chains that have grown in popularity due to their ability to reverse aging in different ways.

Their names aren't exactly easy to say...

But here's a few and what they can do:

  • Semaglutide: Used for weight loss, reduce appetites, and rebalancing metabolism

  • Thymosin alpha-1: General for anti-aging & anti-inflammatory with strong antioxidant properties

  • PT-141: A go-to for improved sex and libido

  • BPC-157: Applied to help in recovery - Gut, skin, ligaments, tendons, and more

  • GHK-Cu: Important for cosmetic applicatiomns: Increases collagen, improves skin, makes wrinkles disappear, regrows hair. Also helps in wound healing.

  • Melatonin 1: Used to darken the skin for a nice-looking tan.

8. Winning The Battle Against Deadly Diseases

No one wants to watch a loved one lose their mind to Alzheimer's Disease...

And many need alternatives to the brutal chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments...

"Life Force" explores some of the latest breakthroughs in addressing some of the hard-to-talk-about conditions we face:

Cardiovascular Disease

The #1 killer in America...

Almost everyone's life has been touched by heart disease in some way...

In the book, Tony reveals:

  • A new FDA-approved A.I. test that can predict heart disease up to a decade in advance.

  • How stem cells are helping in heart regeneration

  • A "gene silencing" tech for those who are prone to high cholesterol

  • And news about the building of new hearts, called "ghost hearts"


A stroke can be lethal when it strikes...

And those who survive often have major complications, or a long road to recovery.

Here's some important developments on addressing this silent killer:

  • Many are recognizing the importance of maintaining good circulation to prevent strokes

  • In stroke rehab, patients are using virtual reality to recover

  • The use of haptic gloves for regaining body movement in stroke patients

  • Exosome therapy may help the brain to self-repair after a stroke


Not much has to be said about cancer...

It's a difficult disease which often has even more difficult treatments.

Luckily, there's new ways to detect it early, like with the Grail blood test...

And the "Life Force" team explores new options in this battle:

  • There's new individualized vaccines to help prevent a personal tendency toward certain cancers

  • NK (Natural Killer) cells are being used in cancer immunotherapy

  • Believe it or not, research shows broccoli sprouts have phytochemical compounds that have an effect against cancer cells

  • CAR T-cells could help to go after cancer cells

  • And the medication Metformin could help in cancer prevention and therapy (It's promising for diabetes, too)

Inflammation & Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, celiac's disease, and IBS affect people everywhere.

These conditions lower quality of life and can be frustrating to those who suffer from them...

But there's help on the way:

From special diets that curb inflammation (like avoiding simple carbs, soda, processed meats, etc.)... to electrical stimulation of the Vagus nerve... to therapeutic plasma exchanges to remove pathogenic antibodies...

Relief is around the corner for millions.

Diabetes & Obesity

​There's no denying that weight management is a challenge in the 21st Century...

Throughout human history, people had to work hard to secure food... and when they did, they ate as much as possible because they were never sure when their next meal was going to be...

Curiosity Stream run running chase hunting GIF

So in modern-day countries that have abundant food readily available... the urge to overeat is strong (about 75% of Americans are overweight!)

Thanks to some new solutions, there's options to push back against this "dia-besity" epidemic, too:

FDA-cleared natural solutions like Plenity block hunger...

And researchers have developed an advanced food program (which includes milkshakes) designed to help in fast weight loss, restore beta cells, and potentially reverse diabetes.

But it's important to know there's no "magic bullet" β€” these interventions are still best paired with long-term healthy diet and exercise.

Simple things like avoiding ultra-processed foods, sugar, and refined carbs could work wonders.

Alzheimer's Disease

Is there something worse than losing the precious memories of our lives? Or forgetting the face of a loved one?

Alzheimer's Disease not only hurts those who suffer from it... but it takes a big toll on the patient's loved ones, too.

Here's some hope:

  • One company is applying CRISPR gene-editing tech to relieve Alzheimer’s symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

  • Brain health supplementation like the Stamets Stack β€” named after the mushroom expert, Paul Stamets β€” includes taking niacin (vitamin B3) & mushrooms like Lion's Mane and psilocybin containing fungi (a.k.a. magic mushrooms)

  • New promising vaccine options that may help prevent in those at-risk

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to improve brain function and lessen symptoms

  • Even certain video games have been shown to help in keeping the brain sharp

Research will continue to grow in the urgent search to cure this attack on our minds.

9. The Best Biohacking Tech Tools

Both in-clinic and at-home health technology is getting more advanced and affordable with every passing day...

There's devices to help us track our performance and sleep, like the Apple Watch or Oura Ring.

PEMF therapy to help with back pain...

Nucalm, DEEP SLEEP, and Ignite warrior brain use sound and neuroscience to help with stress relief, provide energy without caffeine, and offer better sleep...

Focused ultrasound is helping women with menstrual pain and is making incision-less brain surgery possible to fight Parkinson's Disease, depression, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

Sauna use has been shown by Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. to improve our immune systems, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and boost heart rate β€” all without exercise. Scandinavian studies have also suggested longevity benefits.

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And though not directly mentioned in the book, there's sound technology like shockwave (or acoustic wave) therapy helping people with cellulite and bedroom performance.

The book features a few examples of readily available options, and this space will continue to explode with new tools.

10. Virtual Reality for Your Health

Here's another tech tool that's odd, yet effective...

Forget what you know about video games and virtual reality (VR)...

Companies like Black Box VR are popping up to provide people with a fun, immersive way to workout!

But the potential benefits of VR stretches far beyond getting a sweat...

virtual reality GIF

The book also explores how VR is being used to reduce pain and stress.

It's even been shown to lower depression when combined with Ketamine therapy (KVR).

It seems the virtual world could help us heal in the real world.

11. Fitness and Diet Made Simple

Are there 2 things more vital when it comes to influencing our own health?

How we move our bodies and what we eat are very important.

Hungry Iskra Lawrence GIF by iskra

But, since there's more than enough info about fitness out there...

And the topic of diet is so hotly debated...

"Life Force" focuses on some general guidelines and new developments in these areas:

Strength & Fitness

New research is showing a strong link between muscle mass and overall health.

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One company called Osteostrong is using science to help people increase muscle mass/bone density and boost metabolism with a once a week 10-minute workout.

Supernatural is publishing workout programs for VR devices like the Oculus to bring at-home fitness to the metaverse.

There's also effective counterstrain techniques people are now using to rehab and stay healthy.

And there's The Egoscue Method which helps with chronic pain and posture improvement.


The book features the Ornish diet which uses fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products, nonfat dairy, and egg whites to help reverse diabetes, heart disease, and prostate cancer β€” plus aid in weight loss.

It also discusses the benefits of intermittent fasting... and how gut testing companies are helping to give a fuller picture of the GI tract and microbiome.

Ultimately, the authors refer to renown health writer, Michael Pollan, for a general rule of thumb:

"Eat [real] food, not too much, mostly plants."

rainbow fitness GIF by Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski

12. Secrets of a Deep Sleep

If you think about it, sleep is a risk for us humans:

While unconscious, we are defenseless against predators...

And it requires a lot of our time.

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For these reasons, it must be important, otherwise evolution would have gotten rid of it long ago.

Sleep researchers like Matthew Walker and Jeff Iliff talk about why its essential to get a good night sleep and how it "cleans" our brains.

The book discusses the importance of dimming lights before bed for our circadian rhythm...

And using blackout masks or curtains for total darkness.

It also provides info about mandibular advancement devices for those with sleep apnea.

A deep slumber just might be the ultimate health hack.

13. Mental Health & Addiction Relief

With an estimated 1 billion people worldwide struggling with a mental or substance abuse disorder...

There's clearly a major need to find some help.

"Life Force" covers:

  • How therapeutic tech helps shut off the addiction drive without drugs

  • How EFT Tapping can help with depression and anxiety

  • A pair of two injections from The Stellate Institute can help those suffering from anxiety or PTSD β€” especially for war veterans

  • How ultrasound used on the brain could relieve depression

  • And more...

It's time to help those "suffering in silence."


There's so much more inside... things like:

  • The future of telemedicine

  • Advances in pet health

  • Important info about our hormones

  • A chapter on women's health

  • And secrets of newly discovered organ called interstitium

As mentioned, the entire book is worth reading β€” whether you get the audiobook or the physical book.

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The trillion-dollar health industry is in desperate need of better and more affordable solutions for the serious conditions we face.

This book offers hope and potential solutions for those going through tough times...

As well as strategies for people who want prevent getting sick as much as possible.

Amazon's Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For a limited time, Tony Robbins' company is giving away this book for free if you cover the shipping β€” you can find out more about that here.

And in case you miss the promo above, it's also on Amazon here.


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